Stupid Career Advice

Or, how to tell if someone is completely full of shit.

“Never say it’s not my job.” Great advice if you want to get pimped and punked for the rest of your life.

“You make your own luck.” Anyone that says this sucks at math.

“Be patient.” We’ll pay you what you deserve when we get around to it.

“Always give 110%” Ask if they’re going to pay 110%

“Don’t date co-workers.” I can’t behave like an adult so you can’t be trusted to either.

“Work friends are not real friends.” Because, in the end, we are going to remember work more than people.

“You cannot be friends with subordinates.” See the above.

“If you are not 5 minutes early you are late.” Because you have so little to do you can waste time waiting for their stupid meeting to start.

“Watch who you hang out with.” You pay me, you don’t own me. (someone actually told me this. I ignored him.)

“Absorb the work.” No, you.

“Winners never quit.” Winners realize when there is something better to do.

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