In The Rain

It only happens once, if it happens, only once in every relationship, at the moment of ignition; when you both know it’s a thing…a thing that is starting RIGHT NOW. It can happen again but it will be with someone different…a new relationship.

You’re in the rain because you didn’t care. You knew you might get wet, that the skies might open up but you wanted to be together so bad. Timing is everything and neither of you was gonna let Mother Nature screw up your timing; not gonna let it turn into a “what if?” Something you’ll twist around in your head five years down the road on a regret filled night staring at the bottom of a glass.

But she won’t let herself get soaked like that again, and you won’t let it happen to her either. So the moment, the one and only, is now. Her mascara is probably running but you can’t see it, because either it’s dark or you’re blind to its, or both. She feels different through the wet clothes and when you kiss its visceral. You’re a mess of tangled hair and wet clothes; but it doesn’t matter. You both lean into it. When you break apart, you sprint for the car or home…intent on finishing it. You want to cement what you just started and so you do.

You might do some crazy things, in a park, or in a bathroom at a party. But together, you can never feel that unquestioning, burning, intensity again.

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

© Glenn R Keller 2022, All Rights Reserved

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