When I Was You

It was something we said to each other as children…our sense of time and place were malleable; we had not yet been indoctrinated into the order of things as dictated by our elders. Put it another way, our outlook was natural and probably closer to the truth than the artificial constructs human society has created. And so it made perfect sense. Somewhere, sometime in the metaverse it was only natural that we had switched places.

“When I was you” was almost always followed by an expression of a point of view. For example “when I was you I hated the monkey bars.” Of course, what was being said here was that the speaker hated the monkey bars. And what she really really really meant was “I hate the monkey bars, and knowing everything I know about you and everything I know about Monkey Bars, you should hate them too.”

Nowhere in that statement, in that declaration of her position on the general existence of Monkey Bars, was the slightest shred of doubt or self-consciousness. Of course I was you at one time. That is the way the universe works. Boys are so dumb, they don’t know anything really.

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