What They’ll Tell You

Image by Raffael Pace from Pixabay

They’ll tell you to take it easy

To slow down

To be careful

You’re not what you once were

You could hurt yourself

Or others

You’re vulnerable

You’re harder to teach


You should get rid of some of that old stuff

It’s just clutter

Just memories

Just your memories

Just your memory cues…the things that center you

They look back on a life worth living

And remind you of things undone

Things you’ve yet to do

They’ll tell you its because they care

They’ll tell you to be realistic

But when were you ever

You should tell them you’ve more

You should tell them you want to live all of your years

You should tell them you have so much yet to learn

You should tell them to fuck right off

© Glenn R Keller 2022, All Rights Reserved

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