Riverwalk – Subtext Prompt

“I hope this is good, I mean, I heard it was. It’s been awhile so I want you to enjoy it”

“You’re so sweet,” she squeezed his hand.

He looked away from her, making believe he was checking out the movie poster, ‘your’re so sweet’, kiss of death he thought. Next thing she’ll be telling me how fucking special I am. “Thanks,” he muttered.

She wondered what was wrong with him. Maybe he suspected…he’d been so distant lately. “Maybe we can go for a walk down by the river afterward.”

He brightened a little, the Riverwalk was an infamous make out spot. “Sure, I mean if you want to?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to?” Now she was convinced something was up. He must know and he was going to dump her. Probably his damned mother; poor guy just couldn’t get it out. Well his mother wouldn’t be down by the river and she would make full use of the opportunity. Of course, who knew what would happen after she told him.

“Oh I don’t know. Last few times we went out, you like, had to go home early. We hardly got to talk by ourselves.” The line started moving forward. “You want some popcorn? I got the drinks covered.” He opened his overcoat to reveal a couple of beer bottles.

“Popcorn would be nice. Could you get me a coke too? I don’t feel like beer”

“Uh sure.” Well that aced it. She wanted to keep a clear head. She wanted to get him to the Riverwalk. She would probably take his hand and tell him she loved him like a brother or some shit like that. Well, I’ll show her. After the movie, I am going to have to go home this time. I’m not gonna play her game. He started to cry. He tried to hide it but the feeling was just too intense…it was a primeval sense of loss.

“Oh my God, why are you crying?”

He pulled out of line for the movie and walked down the street. She followed right behind him rushing to catch up. “Why don’t you just tell me now, and not make me suffer through the whole damn movie.” Now he was crying so hard his whole body was convulsing.

“I’m sorry it happens. I wasn’t my fault. I took the pills I swear.”

Now it was his turn, he choked back his tears “what the hell…”

“You don’t have to support it, but I would have hoped, well I hoped for more.”

“Are you pregnant???? Is that why you’ve been acting weird lately? You mean you’re not gonna dump me?”

“Oh my God, you’re an idiot. We swore we’d be together forever. I guess I’ll get to see if you really meant it.” Now she started to cry.

He wrapped his arms around her “Are you scared?”

“Of course I’m scared, and I’m terrified my baby won’t have a father”.

He grabbed her and kissed her straight on the mouth. There was sort of a cosmic time out as they engaged in that kind of PDA that only hormonal teenagers can pull off. He came up for air, “Are you still scared?”

“No sweetie…not any more”.

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