The Jazz Club

Packed in close

The tabletops barely big enough


A candle

Her purse

Your drinks


It’s cold outside

You wore overcoats

She wore a hat and mittens

You smile, because she’s cute

She smiles because she knows it

And you know she took her time

To get the hat just right


But now, down to your shirt

Down to her dress

You’re sweating


There is energy in the room

Some people close their eyes

Listening to the sax

Feeling the bass

Others make eye contact with the band

Some just sit, entwined


The atmosphere is heavy


It imprints

She imprints


The moment

So easy to take for granted

Because there will be so many others

Until there aren’t


You can taste the warm beer

You can smell her perfume

Fighting against the perspiration

Fighting against the cigarette smoke

Holding it’s own

Until it fades

And is no more

© Glenn R Keller 2021, All Rights Reserved

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