Light and Dark

He was born into the light, Chris-Crafts and girls in white swim suits. That’s where he met her. In the light

But she belonged in the dark, and she carried her own light like a creature from the deep. She enchanted him and took him with her. Then she left and took it with her, the light, and the dark took him.

He was a creature of the light, alone in the dark. He bent his mind. He forgot where he was and where he came from. The vortex was taking him.

Just one glimmer of light, fading away. He reached out his hand to touch it and another hand touched his.

When he grabbed the hand the dark became dawn. When he held it fast the dawn became light. She unbent his mind and shared her light until he had his own.

He never left her side. Because he was afraid of the dark

One response to “Light and Dark”

  1. Nice. Leaves room for multiple symbolic interpretations.


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