Fish Out of Water – Writing Prompt

Sister Agnes looked around “Reverend Mother are you sure this is a good idea? It’s…I mean…it’s…”

Mother Natalie looked at the younger sister “gross and disgusting. Is that what you are trying to say Sister Agnes?”

“Yes Mother, I was. I feel dirty!” She blurted out.

“And what do you think our lord would have done? Did he avoid the places where the sinners were?”

“No Reverend Mother, he did not.” Agnes gave up the fight.

“Good. Lets get down to business then and see what goes on in these places.” The older nun waved the rest of the sisters into the bar where they all took seats around a table in the very back. She however found a table up front, and turned around looking at them. They all got up and joined her.

They expected to be shocked and surprised. They were not disappointed. The first surprise was that no one paid them any particular attention. Of course, they weren’t wearing habits, but still, they expected that a group of middle aged and older women would stick out like a sore thumb at a “Gentleman’s Club”. Instead, as they looked around, they saw a motley mix of people; young men doing a bachelor party, a few regulars, probably, that were sitting by themselves, and a scattering of women, some by themselves, of all ages. The rest were mostly men, but a surprising number of them had women with them.

They had walked in during a temporary lull in the action, but soon the stage lights popped on and the show started. Two women came out on stage, fully dressed, and danced with each other. Agnes heard Terese, one of the older nuns, say that they looked cute. Then with one swift motion, and the sound of parting velcro, one of them was suddenly completely nude. The crowd went wild. The Nuns all sat transfixed, even Mother Natalie who had that distinct look of someone who had gotten in over their head.

The performers, sensing their discomfort, were on them like racoons on a picnic table. One of them, the one that was fully dressed, handed Sister Nola, who had just turned 81, the end of a long ribbon. She told her to hold tight and not let go. Nola nodded and hung on with all her might. The dancer jumped on a pole and spun around, her legs and feet circling in an arc around the pole. Nola, holding the ribbon, unwittingly undressed her. The crowd roared. A few of the nuns giggled but stopped when Mother Natalie shot them a look. However when Natalie turned back to see what was going to happen next, she saw Nola, all 95 pounds of her dancing with the two strippers. She put her head in her hands.

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