Last Words

Image by Nile from Pixabay.

Some day

You don’t even like clowns!

I knew it. It had to be a woman

Swear you’ll call me

Call me

Call me

You had better call me

You were supposed to call me

We’re just too different

You don’t seem very upset

I don’t see why you’re so upset

He and I are serious

No. I can’t


I don’t understand

Try to write

What did I do wrong

I have a boyfriend

I’m married

I can’t come. My basement is flooded

Are you ever gonna hit on me?

Where are you going to church?

Can I wear your class ring?

I hope Elaine didn’t scare you off

Like you cared

Oh never mind

I think we’re done

Cold hands, warm heart

She is a complete addict…let it go

I guess there is no reason for me to stick around here

This won’t work

I hope I can see you soon

We left so many things unsaid

© Glenn R Keller 2021, All Rights Reserved

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