A Bear Story

Like all shared adventures the story morphs over time. The only constant was there was indeed a bear. Every time Jack, Anna and I get together we remember it differently. But no one questions the details because we are usually telling the tale for an audience and what do a few small facts matter? The bear was eating. The bear had cubs. Jack and I walked calmly back down the trail and informed Anna that there was a bear and we should all remain calm and withdraw to a safe distance. Jack and I tore down the trail dropping our packs and blew right past Anna screaming “There’s a fucking bear!!!!”. Jack got a picture of the bear on it’s hind legs growling menacingly. Jack only got a picture of sky cause he was too busy running. Jack and the bear posed for a selfie. Mere dressing for the story. But something you can absolutely depend on. With every telling, the bear gets bigger.

© Glenn R Keller 2020, All Rights Reserved

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