Maddie wiped the tears from her eyes. She was done crying, that wouldn’t bring Tay back. It wouldn’t bring Dorinda back and it wouldn’t bring her parents back. The rain and the mist had cleared while she was sleeping and for the first time she saw the valley floor spread out below. And it was magnificent; all it did was remind her that she had no one to share the moment with.

It was her fault. Tay had run off, tired of her whining, tired of being talked down to. Because “my family matters too” she had said.

Her parting words stung but she held onto them, because she was right. The girl at the party was right. Even Carter was right. It had always been about her. Now Tay was out there somewhere, alone and probably scared.

She would find Tay or she would die trying.

© Glenn R Keller 2023, All Rights Reserved

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