Advice To My Teenage Self

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“The only way to break a law of physics is with another law of physics.” – Ensign LaForge, Star Trek – Picard

The conceit is that somehow you could apply the thousands and thousands of days of accumulated dents and dings; the accumulated triumph and trauma and be something different than what you were. But if you were something different than what you were, then you wouldn’t be what you’ve become. You wouldn’t know you if you stared you in the face.

But let us try.

1 – Trust your own judgement. Sure, there is a lot to be learned from others, but your instincts are sound. You got yourself through a lot and into college.

2 – To yourself be true. Don’t try to fit in. Don’t be a jerk, but if you feel you’re a square peg and there’s a round hole, find a better hole.

3 – Many people want you to fail because you succeeding will challenge their world view. You will do well later, but why not start now.

4 – If you find a girl sitting on your lap, she sat there for a reason.

5 – None of this will matter in a few years.

6 – You are too damn smart to fail and you know it. Stop embracing negativity. See #14 below.

7- Your dad was an asshole. Give the other men in your life a break.

8 – Your mother is doing the best she can.

9 – Talk to Charlie. He needs a friend.

10 – Your grandparents are two of the most amazing people on the face of the earth.

11. You handled that teacher just right and she had it coming.

12. Your religion is fine. Forget those fools.

14. – Your introspection is just self-indulgence. Go home and go to sleep.

15. – Don’t be superstitious.

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