Who Says You’re Not Good Enough

Social Media. That’s who.

“You mean kinda like LinkedIn?”

“I mean ESPECIALLY LinkedIn”

It used to be people close to you: bosses, coworkers, parents, friends, therapists, whoever gave you feedback on career and life in general. Now the whole world is weighing in and I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to tune it out. Maybe I’ve heard the same old shit over and over and over again.

I swear to god if I see one more post called “Boss Vs. Leader” …

ICMY, here is a list of the things at which you are failing:

You’re not being a good enough leader

You’re not being a good enough ally

You’re friends with your employees

You’re not friends with your employees

What you thought was supportive is mean

You’re not learning enough

You’re not trying hard enough

You’re trying too hard

You don’t have a side hustle

You’re wasting your life with a side hustle

You’re not working on your brand

You’re worried about your brand

Your employees aren’t having enough fun

Your employees are having too much fun

You’re not working hard enough

You’re working too hard

You don’t read enough

You’re reading the wrong things

So let’s put a little perspective here–Social Media (especially LinkedIn) is curated content to position the poster in the best light possible. Oh, some people will post something about making a mistake but you better believe that is all about branding too.

Learn from the content but don’t take it too seriously. We are all going to be dead soon, so enjoy your life and don’t worry about being perfect. No one is.

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