Making Your Own Luck

Image by 정훈 김 from Pixabay

Swelling, because of all you’ve done

You nod to those who helped you

Beneficent, you thank them

Domestiques, clearing the way

On your path to inevitable greatness

But it was mostly you, yes we know that

With brilliant foresight

You picked your parents

With their stable marriage

You saw to it via clever planning

That you were born in a rich country

With a full set of limbs

And superior DNA

Some people live in war zones

They should have planned better

Some people don’t have access to food

Had only they thought things through

Some people don’t have clean water

They need to rise above

Pity the people without health care

Why didn’t they work harder

My my my, the people from broken homes

They should have spoken with you

Before they decided which sperm and egg

They would allow to conceive them

If only they knew what you know

Not to rely on luck…no no no

They should have buckled down

Then maybe they would be up here

On this stage with you

Explaining how you made your own luck

© Glenn R Keller 2021, All Rights Reserved

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