Rise and Fall

“My parents said you’re not allowed in my house anymore”. I looked at Robert “What did I ever do to them?” “They said you’re a trouble maker and a bad influence”. Well, they weren’t wrong. I looked around, half the kids in our 5th grade class were crowded around listening in. “Fuck your parents.” Collective whoa from the crowd.

So of course I went to Robert’s house for lunch. In fact there were lots of lunch invites after that from the latchkey kids living close to our school in Hollis, Queens. Even Claudia, the acknowledged class goddess whipped me up some food in her parents swanky apartment in Jamaica Estates. “If my parents find out you’re here they’ll kill me”. Who says being a bad boy doesn’t pay?

But fate, looking a lot like my mother intervened. And just like that, I was at the bottom of the totem pole in a new school with a bunch of brownnoses and a teacher I went to war with. And that’s a story I’ll share later.

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